Lighting, Lighting everywhere

Hello everyone!

I want to write some things that are on my mind about lighting. As you know, lighting in games take huge part of the atmosphere and the world around it. But little you know how hard is to configure it the right way that it will look great and at the same time the performance won’t hiccup..

In Unity Engine the way to configure lighting is quite simple, but you must know the right way to configure the objects in your scene to make the lighting work that way. As for now, I never touched lighting in Unity and I must say it is quite easy to understand but hard to master. Also, baking lighting takes quite long time if done wrong or quickly if done right.

Here is a sneak pic of the first level with the lighting fully baked (Except for the souls light), It took me to bake the whole level around 30 minutes. and believe me, its quite fast for a beginner like myself. it took me 4 hours to bake lighting in my first try without experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If anyone of you would like to know more how to achieve better quality and get some experience in Unity’s lighting system here are some links:

Brackeys Lighting tutorial

Unity’s Lighting explanation at Unite 2017

I hope you will learn something new from these two videos and get great results!

See you next time, Evgeny Gutman.


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